A complete snack food solution for mums.

"I'm pregnant, I'm hungry, I know what I can't eat..."

There is plenty of information about what not to eat while pregnant and breastfeeding! A number of our usual quick snack foods are ruled out as unsafe. When we are also trying to get the right amount of the vitamins and minerals our new baby needs, choosing what to eat when pregnant or breastfeeding can, quite frankly, be a little stressful.

Ochre Baby Mama Bars solve this problem with a convenient, safe and nutritious snack in between meals for mums.


"Am I getting enough of the right vitamins and minerals?"

Mama Bars are a healthier alternative to common convenience snack foods such as chips and confectionery because they are filled with nutritional grains and fruit. But they are also a Supplemented Food, containing 10% of a pregnant woman’s Recommended Dietary Intake of Folic Acid, vitamins A & D, Calcium, Iron, and Iodine. These are key vitamins and minerals commonly lacking in the diets of pregnant and breastfeeding women, based on Ministry of Health Guidelines.

It's no wonder these vitamins and minerals are lacking in our diets; for the average mum to get all that they need just from the food they eat, they would have to eat a nutritionally varied 6 meals per day, plus dessert!


Formulated specifically for the nutrition needs of mums, with the highest quality ingredients.

Designed especially for the sensitive palate of pregnant and new mums, Mama Bars have a softer texture than many other snack foods. They do not contain any of the ingredients many of us are careful to avoid during this important time in our lives, such as peanuts, honey and cashews.

Many other things make it a high quality nutrition choice for mums. For example, the Mama Bar contains no added sugar, sweetened only with natural brown rice syrup. This is a sweetener that is more slowly absorbed into the bloodstream, so the gain in energy can be more sustained.

The bar is also made with Virgin Coconut Oil, known for its immunity boosting properties, and whole grains and protein crisps to help keep you fuller for longer. Containing real fruit and no artificial colours, plus a percentage of important vitamins you need each day, the Mama Bar makes a great snack food for pregnant and breastfeeding mums.


"But it has to taste great too..."

 Making sure the Mama Bars taste great was a key priority in the development. But don't take our word for it; here is what some of our mums had to say about it:

I'm pregnant ( with twins) and been very sick and the bar was one thing that stayed down. Very yummy. - Cathy
Received the sample bar in my OHBaby Magazine. Thank you so much for making a bar that's convenient and dairy free - I've found it really hard to find easy-to-grab, healthy, dairy free items - plus it tastes great too! - Margo
I didn't have time for breakfast, so I grabbed a Mama Bar. They taste so great, and it lasted me two hours - just as long as my weetbix usually does! - Gunu
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