Ochre Baby was founded in 2010.

The business began by bringing in innovative products for parents from Germany and the USA. We also started to develop a product of our own and in 2012 we launched the Mama Bar to help solve two problems:

1) Snack food while pregnant (and breastfeeding) is hard to choose because of all the things we cannot eat

2) Pregnant and breastfeeding women are deficient in certain vitamins that are very important during this period (based on Growing Up in NZ research from the University of Auckland and the Ministry of Health's Nutrition Guidelines for Healthy Pregnant and Breastfeeding Women.)

One of the core values of our business is sustainability. We want our grandchildren to be able to enjoy health as well as the beauty of this world as much as we have been able to. Therefore we have decided to keep things as local as possible. Our head office is based in Auckland, and our Mama Bars are manufactured in Tauranga, here in New Zealand. Where available our ingredients come from New Zealand and all of our packaging is sourced and printed right here too. Our boxes are made from recycled card and the inks for printing are vegetable based.

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